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Love Takes a Bow

Can you feel my pain, do you see my stain,

will you hold my hand in the pouring rain,

will you push me in, will you pull me out,

will you hold me close, will you scream and shout?

Will you share the blame, will you call my name,

will you turn your back in my day of shame?

Some might say love is just a game;

will you play with me if it’s all the same?

I don’t know the truth but I’ve got good lies,

now I see the answer written in your eyes.

Take me down, will you go with me?

Pleasure and pain, baby can’t you see

I’d rather lie with you on this bed of stone

than face this world standing all alone.

Can you hurt me good, can you love me bad?

Would you take my heart if it was all I had?

Love hate me now, I’ll show you how

when it all goes down, love takes a bow.


Maybe I am broken maybe you are too,

maybe we’ll wake up with nothing left to do.

Baby love’s not perfect anymore

but it’s all that’s left in this peace of war.

So take my hand and twist my arm,

please kill me now so I can’t be harmed.

The love you have ain’t the love you make,

it’s the love you give that does not take.

So lay me down and steal my sleep,

cause this life of ours ain’t mine to keep.


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Why not?


Life is beautiful, but I’m not;

since I met you, I don’t feel so hot.

This ain’t karma, it ain’t fate,

but you look like you’d be fun to date.

Well I’m not great, but I’m not so bad,

I might cheer you up if you’re feeling sad.

There’s other fish in the sea,

but you won’t have to fish if you’ve got me.

I know I’m not the one of your dreams,

but I’m with you now or so it seems.

Strangely attractive sounds good to me.

And if you want to leave you’re always free,

but if you stay it’ll be okay;

I sorta love you, that’s just my way

to keep you here to keep me warm,

and in the end what’s the harm.

Satin and lace in the laundry pile,

but who needs that when you make me smile?

Maybe I’m not the only one for you

but I might just be good enough to do.

Though we’re not written in the stars above

we can still share what passes for love.

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These Days

These days my smiles are little lies

that never can quite reach my eyes;

and no one seems to notice, no one seems to care,

but knowing what I’m worth, I guess disinterest’s fair.

My world of color turns to shades of black and gray,

and I keep on talking though there’s nothing left to say.

I could use a hug, a kiss, a look, a touch,

but I understand how that’s asking too much.

For giving isn’t easy and I hate to take;

I’d rather live with pretenses and smiles that are fake.

It’s not as though my life is hard – just simple and plain;

but living it has turned me into a desert without rain.

I, the loveless wasteland, have a feeling I can’t shake,

that if I vied for suicide there’d be no life to take.

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One of those days


Leavin’ now and I’m never comin’ back;

guess I got myself to thank for that.

Do what I do but I cannot make a dent;

go to work come home and it’s time to pay the rent.

Don’t wanna go out but I can’t stay home,

go to a party where I’m all alone.

Cried so hard that I broke my soul,

spend my time just tryin’ to fill the hole;

guess we’re all just playing roles.

Got a gun in my mouth and a ticket in my hand,

either way, they won’t understand;

maybe no one can.

Take a trip take a train take a ride on a plane,

going somewhere no one knows my name,

but I guess it’s all the same.

Spend my days talkin’ to myself,

truth is I’ve got no one else.

Win a little bit then I lose it all.

Who am I gonna call to break my fall?

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Near Seattle


Well my friends say they can read me like a book,

as I sit and wonder how many pills I took.

On this sad and lonely day up near Seattle;

well I won the fight but I wasn’t in a battle.

I could turn the lights and heat on now,

but that might ruin this sad cold day somehow.

I’ll just sit and think of her, though I don’t know who she is,

as my hopes, my dreams, my head begin to fizz.


On the wings of a pigeon I will fly

to a wind machine I know in Sunnyside.

And I’ll light a cigarette, and it will not get wet,

it sometimes rains there too but it hasn’t yet.

I’ll tell stories to my friends that I still call,

and it won’t matter that they’ve heard them all.

They’ll laugh at all my jokes while I make rings of smoke,

and I’ll buy some Taco Bell because I’m broke.


Meanwhile, back up near Seattle,

my head hurts and my breath begins to rattle;

I put my pigeon back on the shelf

and sing love songs to myself…

I could turn the lights and heat on now

but that might ruin this sad cold day somehow.

So I sit down to write my phantom book

and wish I knew how many pills I took.

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