One of those days


Leavin’ now and I’m never comin’ back;

guess I got myself to thank for that.

Do what I do but I cannot make a dent;

go to work come home and it’s time to pay the rent.

Don’t wanna go out but I can’t stay home,

go to a party where I’m all alone.

Cried so hard that I broke my soul,

spend my time just tryin’ to fill the hole;

guess we’re all just playing roles.

Got a gun in my mouth and a ticket in my hand,

either way, they won’t understand;

maybe no one can.

Take a trip take a train take a ride on a plane,

going somewhere no one knows my name,

but I guess it’s all the same.

Spend my days talkin’ to myself,

truth is I’ve got no one else.

Win a little bit then I lose it all.

Who am I gonna call to break my fall?


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Filed under Dark poetry, Poetry

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