Why not?


Life is beautiful, but I’m not;

since I met you, I don’t feel so hot.

This ain’t karma, it ain’t fate,

but you look like you’d be fun to date.

Well I’m not great, but I’m not so bad,

I might cheer you up if you’re feeling sad.

There’s other fish in the sea,

but you won’t have to fish if you’ve got me.

I know I’m not the one of your dreams,

but I’m with you now or so it seems.

Strangely attractive sounds good to me.

And if you want to leave you’re always free,

but if you stay it’ll be okay;

I sorta love you, that’s just my way

to keep you here to keep me warm,

and in the end what’s the harm.

Satin and lace in the laundry pile,

but who needs that when you make me smile?

Maybe I’m not the only one for you

but I might just be good enough to do.

Though we’re not written in the stars above

we can still share what passes for love.


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