Love Takes a Bow

Can you feel my pain, do you see my stain,

will you hold my hand in the pouring rain,

will you push me in, will you pull me out,

will you hold me close, will you scream and shout?

Will you share the blame, will you call my name,

will you turn your back in my day of shame?

Some might say love is just a game;

will you play with me if it’s all the same?

I don’t know the truth but I’ve got good lies,

now I see the answer written in your eyes.

Take me down, will you go with me?

Pleasure and pain, baby can’t you see

I’d rather lie with you on this bed of stone

than face this world standing all alone.

Can you hurt me good, can you love me bad?

Would you take my heart if it was all I had?

Love hate me now, I’ll show you how

when it all goes down, love takes a bow.


Maybe I am broken maybe you are too,

maybe we’ll wake up with nothing left to do.

Baby love’s not perfect anymore

but it’s all that’s left in this peace of war.

So take my hand and twist my arm,

please kill me now so I can’t be harmed.

The love you have ain’t the love you make,

it’s the love you give that does not take.

So lay me down and steal my sleep,

cause this life of ours ain’t mine to keep.


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