Innocence + Experience

Innocence not lost but given away,

traded and cashed in for moments of play.

What is it worth, what does it mean?

And is there something in between

innocence and being jaded?

What remains once the moment has faded

and left us aware and ashamed

of our actions untamed.

What profits a man

who without a plan

spends his life chasing cheap thrills,

gaining questionable skills?

But how to understand life

without trouble and strife,

no mistakes, no experience;

still, a rather flimsy defense.

I did what I did and learned what I could,

now feel guilty as I probably should.

What would I change if I went back?

Not sure how to answer that,

can’t imagine being faux pas free;

it’s my mistakes that made me me.



Filed under Poetry

4 responses to “Innocence + Experience

  1. I absolutely love this.

  2. northernmalewhite

    having a beer
    will give the seer
    some wisdom
    if they
    choose to listen
    and understand
    but turning off that tap
    leaves anger and fear
    so you end up feeling the will to live slip out through your urine every time you visit the toilet and try to top it up at the bar which works
    for a time
    when it does not
    it is


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