Modern Life

…but you don’t know how it feels

to lose things that you never had.

I guess life is supposed to be sad;

and dreams were meant to end.

Hearts are breaking again and again.

I just don’t see how we can

pick up the pieces scattered around;

We’re shipwrecked so far from land,

and it all falls down.

So scared of the truth but so sick of the lies;

truth and true love got lost on the way

to a way of life whose price we can’t pay.

Keep seeing broken lies behind smiling eyes.

Beautified faces and falsified bodies

they’re all soulless hotties

pumping out shit on TV.

In the end, who could believe

what we’ve come to;

kill time and kill people and sell off our souls

just for something to do.

Use toys and cheap sex just to cover the holes,

but you don’t know how it feels

to lose dreams that you never had;

Please don’t blame it on mom and dad.

Mistakes can’t be done over, deals

can’t be unmade; all of your debts

have to be paid.  Don’t tell me you have no regrets.


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