Whither salvation?

What will save you,

bring you back

from oblivion?

Who will save you,

keep on track

your salvation?

How will you survive?

How fake + make it

thru the vale of tears?

What keeps you alive

here in the shit,

in spite of your fears?

Where is your faith,

in what do you trust

to keep you safe

to do what you must?


Is there a god for you?

Always on your side –

no matter what you do –

in whom you confide?

Or prefer you spiritual,

feelgood fuzziness;

always presumptual

of inherent goodness?

Where do you look to pray?

East? West? In the mirror?

And what is it you say

to your divine ruler?

Requests selfless or -ish,

for love, health or wealth

when upon your myth you wish

for what you don’t do yourself?


So tell me what’s the worth?

Does your faith keep at bay

death’s fearsome force

for a year?  A month?  A day?

Or is peace the prize

at the end of it all,

your cookie-crumb jackpot?

Try fulfilled on for size

or whatever you call

this fake comfort you’ve got.

Ought we swallow the bitter

or fantasize the better?

Do you seek the truth

or merely medication,

scramble for proof

or accept sedation?


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