History of the Universe, pt. 1

So it all began according to the plan,

or random, exploding bits; take your pick.

In the garden of apes God created man

and woman, which was the cooler trick.

But humans couldn’t wait to screw it up

and that drive has not yet abated;

Call it sin, call it nature’s flop,

mostly masochism never sated.

With gifts from God and best practice from Chuck

we also started learning and doing things that don’t suck.

Hold on, human conceit rushes in even now,

The story began before us, and how!


There’s a rumor of a rather sizeable pop

that kicked off expansion they say will not stop

Details abound for the events that surround

this blast extraordinaire; as good pound for pound

as the theories of any young child

on why the man on the moon smiled.

Whatever we say, think, and know

there was a start to this show.

Now matter, for and against,

formed pools more and less dense;

And before you knew it there were stars,

and galaxies, groups, and clusters;

those that couldn’t cut mustard

went nova-pop, seen near and far.


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