Living with a Depressed Person

What are the words needed

to turn this ship around?

What could I possibly do

to turn that frown upside-down?

Snapoutofit I wanna shout,

grab you by the shoulders and shake,

hug and hold and eskimo kiss you,

til you relent and give us both a break.

What’s the point of being so sad?

Is there an upside to feeling so low?

What is the purpose of all this depression?

There’s more to life than this, you must know.


And I know you’ve been hurt

and I know it’s your right

to be down, sad and angry

even touched by spite.

You’ve been through shit

I would not have believed

if I’d not been there to see

you beat down and bereaved.

And it’s perfectly normal

to struggle and wallow

but at the end of the day

grief and sorrow are hollow.

There’s no amount of tears

that’ll bring back those gone,

no number of breakdowns

can make the universe care.

But I know how great you are

and if you could somehow rise

you could know joy again,

turn on the light in your eyes.

But today’s not the day,

the storm’s not over yet;

so I hide in my corner

as you stomp and fret.


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