Shadows (Friday Fictioneers)


This was where it happened 30 years ago.  Where a stepfather despoiled the innocence of a scared little boy and coerced silence.

Here, too, was where he’d planned revenge and escape.  An old kitchen knife rusted in the weeds even now, along with remnants of his youth.  But plans are just fantasies for scared little boys; in the end escape takes longer than you think you can last.

He was drawn here today after the funeral of the carnal criminal, whose shadow still darkened his past, present and future.  He sat smoking for hours, wondering if he had finally escaped.


Other contributions for this week’s 100 word story challenge can be found here.

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14 responses to “Shadows (Friday Fictioneers)

  1. Dear Alvin,
    A great question you end this with. Is the victim truly free when the perpetrator is dead? Well done, very well done indeed.

  2. You are never free until you can get him out of your head.

  3. What a powerful story, Alvin, and a question that is difficult to answer. Excellent and haunting.


  4. Very powerful. By wondering whether or not he’s escaped, maybe he has.

  5. Mystikel

    I have to echo everyone else. Powerful and haunting tale.

  6. Potent tale in so few words.
    Very well done.

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