Gunshots (Friday Fictioneers)


There were like these gunshots outta nowhere.  I’m like “whoa, somebody’s shootin’, what’s going on Jimmy?”  Cause I was rollin’ with my man Jimmy.

But then I saw Jimmy was down, and I was all “Jimmy’s down, Jimmy’s down.”  Cause Jimmy was like down and shit.  There was blood and I was freaking out, “Jimmy caught one.”  Yeah, he got shot, what’d I say?

So I gotta call 5-oh and shit, but I ain’t got no phone, so I checked for a PF1.  But then the handset was all shot or busted or whatever.  Good thing you guys came anyways.


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26 responses to “Gunshots (Friday Fictioneers)

  1. Dear Alvin,
    I’m like all about this piece. Good one. The voice is fun.

  2. It’s already been said, but good voice.

  3. Hey! I heard a character in there! SO cool! Entertaining, too. Nice work!

  4. Loved the language. Really painted the picture

  5. the language came off very convincingly 🙂 fun story !

  6. I think I heard this guy on the news yesterday. 🙂 The language worked, like, ya know, perfectly.


  7. Interesting writing voice!

  8. Great use of the idiot, I mean, idiom! 😉

  9. Awesome narrator voice. That could be something right off the evening news. 🙂

  10. COuld have easily been pulled from a news report. Realistic voice and language.

  11. Very well done, thoroughly enjoyable!

  12. I”m all “Wow this is good!’

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