Abandoned (Friday Fictioneers)


“Maybe he was abducted by aliens,” she mused, pondering her life’s Great Tragedy for the millionth time.  As you do when an after school café date turned into The Day Dad Left, abandoning bike and daughter.  “Why would his bike be there?  It doesn’t make sense.”

Sometimes she tried to romanticize it, “Maybe he was in danger, and left to protect me.”  But what kind of danger could a hardware store clerk be in, really?

Usually she wound up in the same place: “He didn’t give a shit about me.”  “Like I don’t about him,” she quietly lied to herself.


My latest Friday Fictioneers entry.  Old ones (and they are a few months old now), can be found @ the following links:

Michael Nicoletta





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9 responses to “Abandoned (Friday Fictioneers)

  1. I liked the cynical, resigned voice in this piece. Well done.

  2. Such a sad story, darling. But well crafted.

  3. We’ve all lied to ourselves about something like this and made up excuses to avoid the truth. Nicely done and sad.


  4. This is an excellent interpretation of the prompt! So sad that she doesn’t have closure. Denial is a common coping mechanism, but your story made it interesting.

  5. When we cannot face the truth or simply choose not to we can devise enough alternatives to soothe our wonded soul.

  6. That tale was gut-punch good. Not a word wasted.

  7. Dear Alvin,

    A tragic story well told. I feel for this person in denial very deeply.



  8. Tuggs at the heart, for sure. Great story well told.

  9. Lovely and well told story. True to life and sad, but very well crafted.

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