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Love + War

battered heart

This is how my world ends*,

this is how my world ends;

with slamming doors and frigid silence;

once everything was given freely

now seems I cannot be spared a glance

and rooms I enter soon are empty.

Knot in my stomach is too heavy to carry;

I knew it would happen, that I’d screw it all up,

but to live through this moment, so tense and scary

is so much worse than I’d thought, and much more abrupt.


This is how my world ends,

this is how my world ends;

with breaking hearts and dishes too;

her anger burns beyond control,

she might now hate me as much as I do

as I sit and watch the end of it all.

All the happiness I’d hoped to bring her

turned to dust in my bumbling hands,

instead I’ve brought sorrow and anger

now, finally, more than she can stand.


This is how hope survives,

this is how hope survives;

with the smallest of nods,

meal served in two portions;

crumbs of hope from the gods

stay of my execution.

Soft touches have ice slowly melting,

a small smile releases the doves;

Tomorrow may well bring more fighting,

but for now I embrace this lopsided love.



*Line borrowed from T.S. Eliot’s poem The Hollow Men


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