Start From Zero (Friday Fictioneers)


Sweaty and uncomfortable though it’s cool, I set my glass down, almost spilling on the painting.  Her painting, which I don’t get, but spent 30 minutes discussing.  Her I like; winning smile, dancing eyes belying the crow’s feet developing next to them, wicked sense of humor.  But I’m boring her, I know.

First date since…since my world ended.  Cancer; six terrible months, then five lonely years.  And now here I am, boring the pants firmly on my date.

If she could see me now, she’d laugh her ass off.  That makes me smile as I reach for my glass again.

*****This post is part the Friday Fictioneers challenge.*****



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16 responses to “Start From Zero (Friday Fictioneers)

  1. I love the line “boring the pants firmly on my date” lol 🙂

  2. Helena Hann-Basquiat

    Well formed scene — and a strong narrative voice.

  3. Well written. Paints a realistic word picture.

  4. Such a moving story. I can only hope it works out for him in the end.

  5. I feel sorry for the poor man – a first date AND sangria!

  6. Dear M,

    Realistic story. I felt for the man. In a few words you’ve told us what he’s been through. At least he’s taken the first steps to moving on.

    Nice one.



  7. Starting again is hard. At least it seems he has a sense of humor to guide him through. Excellent story.

  8. “Boring the pants firmly ON my date.” Brilliant! A lot of great lines here, you chose your words well!

  9. Most people find it tough to converse-specially on a first date and this poor chap has a valid excuse-sad that he lost his wife to cancer and sadder that he hasn’t been on a date for the last 5 years-a long period of mourning!Hopefully,this will turn out to be interesting in the end-well written:-)

  10. The last two sentences are my favorite part. I think being able to consider the lost love while on that first (or second or third) date is one of the most important parts of healing. Who cares if he’s boring the pants firmly on his date? He doesn’t want them off just yet anyway. Lovely story about trying again.

  11. camgal

    How devastating, hope he finds peace and happiness 🙂 well written.

  12. Practice makes perfect! If, she is bored – too bad, he’ll find the right person when the time is right! Good story!

  13. Great way to put a life story in so few words.. startin from zero can never be easy.

  14. That smile might have started something.

  15. How brave he is… to put himself out there again!

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