I enjoy writing, as much for my own entertainment as anything.  I’ve been doing it since third grade (my first story was a western about a sheriff tracking down some bank robbers), and recently finished + self-published my first novel.

This blog is a selection of my writing, mostly flash fiction and poetry.  Feel free to enjoy it, hate it, or ignore it.  Comments appreciated.


7 responses to “About

  1. Hate it? Definitely not. I like what you’ve got going here. Is all of your work new? Or stuff you’ve written in the past?

    • Thanks!

      It’s a combination of new and stuff I’ve written in the past. So far most of it is from the past, but actually starting to post here has me writing more again. Really appreciate the comment, and can honestly say ditto, I dig your blog.

    • Thanks so much, very gracious of you. Unfortunately I don’t feel I’ve been around long enough to pass on the requisite nominations, but I can say very few people I’ve “met” on wordpress seem to me to deserve this award as much as you do!

      • I completely understand! I have exactly the same, I have met 3 people here I talked to all the time and a few blogs that I really like to follow, but I also only nominated 9 people because I couldn’t find a 10th person… 🙂 Just know, to me you deserve this award! 🙂

  2. I’m interested in why you include some French here (title and at bottom of page). Are you from Québec or maybe (like me) just a Francophile?

    • Just a Francophile actually. And in fact I always loved the expression “Amis de la poésie bienvenue” which is what my French friend says ironically whenever I make an exceptionally rude joke/comment.

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