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Start From Zero (Friday Fictioneers)


Sweaty and uncomfortable though it’s cool, I set my glass down, almost spilling on the painting.  Her painting, which I don’t get, but spent 30 minutes discussing.  Her I like; winning smile, dancing eyes belying the crow’s feet developing next to them, wicked sense of humor.  But I’m boring her, I know.

First date since…since my world ended.  Cancer; six terrible months, then five lonely years.  And now here I am, boring the pants firmly on my date.

If she could see me now, she’d laugh her ass off.  That makes me smile as I reach for my glass again.

*****This post is part the Friday Fictioneers challenge.*****



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Modern Love pt. 1

First it hurts a little, then it hurts a lot,

then it hurts a little girl in the parking lot.

Some say it was her time, some say it was her fault,

but they didn’t spill their blood on the fucking asphalt.

And we all grow up and we all fall down;

if you listen real close you can hear the sound:

A thousand hearts break against the bedroom wall.

Remember how you felt when you lost it all?

Who did you hate?  Who did you call?

Does it really matter where you’ve been?

Are you really sorry for your sins?

No regrets and no headaches

and no remorse for your mistakes.

It’s all going down on the avenue,

your nightmares are coming true.

A face to remember, a name to forget,

another phone number that you didn’t get;

and the world is a pack of lies

told between young girls’ thighs.

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