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The Teacher and the Priest

*****Warning: foul language ahead*****

“Man, I fucking hate my goddamned job,” said the teacher to the priest.  “Don’t I know how you feel,” came the somber reply. 

The 2 of them sat in the back of a darkened little church passing a bottle of communion wine back and forth while willing an old, chipped ashtray with cigarette butts. 

“What’s the name of that Greek fellow who had to roll the rock up and down the mountain for eternity?  Sisy-something?  Anyhow, I feel like him, except my rock has a fucking foul mouth, bad attitude and may well be armed.”

“Thankless work to be sure, trying to teach those who can’t or won’t learn.  Tryin’ to save those who can’t or won’t be saved.”

“Yeah…fuck ‘em.”


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Escape Fantasy

Get the hell out;

out to salvation,

out of the shit.

Leave behind the shitty places and shitty people.

Out of the fire and into the frying pan.

Find the exit

before it’s too late.

Do not think of freedom,

there’s no such thing.

Do not think of peace,

that’s a fantasy.

Just think of a way out.

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Politics as Usual

What’s the point of this?

Politickin’, posturin’ and bullshittin’;

pretend to care and to be pissed

and offended;

gotta outdo the other,

hit the talking points and smother

the truth with bullshit.

It ain’t even lying anymore

we ain’t even trying anymore;

you can put the truth on the web

people still choose the lies instead.

Playing on fear like a piano,

numbers fly, but you don’t know

where they come from

that’s how it’s done, son.

Can’t believe the camels we swallow

can’t believe the paper people we follow.

Now I got my side and

you got your side and

we chose our answers before the questions;

alliances define interpretations.

Lost sight of what’s important,

politics is just and another sport,

‘cept everybody loses when

we play this stupid game.

Rather fix the blame

than the problem.

Do we really think the right or left

can sort out this giant mess?

Do we really think the needs of the many

can compete with those of the few with money?

And how can we demonize

just one side

when the pig and the human

start to look so much akin?

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