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She wrote like she dressed:

with careful aforethought

and attention which showed

in the finished product


He preferred to shoot from the hip

with a splat and leave it at that;

letting his pen slip and drip

a pile of words and untrimmed fat.


The considerate might take the time,

searching for nuggets less worthless

that the most patient could find;

most would just call it a mess.


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Ghost Town

My life is a ghost town.

Hope long since packed its bags and deserted,

leaving behind the weight of potential unrealized.


I sit in a saloon filled with why’s

slowly losing my grip on the lies,

succumbing to verity

in all its severity

while ghosts of relationships have me caught,

demanding me to be all the things that I’m not.


The well of emotion is dry,

as cold and empty as I;

these regrets replaced by wondering

what the hell has been happening

in this place I thought would be my life

but turned out to be just trouble and strife.

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